Custom Software solutions

Custom Software Solutions that drive your business and help you achieve your goals.

To be successful, you need your business to be both competitive and efficient. Time wasted in decision making or costs increases due to process errors fundamentally impact your bottom line and profitability. We at Compass Data can help you with achieving this by building unique a custom software solution for your business.

Our clients are generally looking to address common themes, no matter which industry or sector they work in.  As an organisation with decades of technical and business knowledge and experience, we can help you improve your business by developing processes and systems which are as unique as your business.

We can help you achieve:

By utilising our broad experience, we help you to fully realise the full benefits of a bespoke business solution, designed specifically for your business and it’s needs. We can help you improve lead-times, simplify processes, reduce processing errors, control or reduce cost and enable innovation and change

So how do we work

Our goal is solving your problems and we firmly believe in making it as easy as possible by keeping it simple -we won’t confuse you with Jargon. Everything is discussed and agreed upfront at every stage so there are no surprises or unexpected costs. Budgets are always discussed transparently, targets and deadlines set and monitored through regular meetings with all involved. We work in partnership with you.- after all it’s your custom software solution, addressing your business needs.

We can develop a custom solution to address any unique business solution for you

In short, all kinds of bespoke custom business systems that support your business culture, objective and way of working. Whether its a CRM system, a stock management system, an order processing system, anasset management system, a student / staff management systems or planning and reporting tools, we can build it for you and your business.

Ready for your business to fly?

Ultimately we strive to make your business the best it can be. By helping you develop the right processes and systems, we ensure that the right information is available at the right time in the right format to ensure that you and your team can be as productive as possible both today and tomorrow.

Would you like to know more?

Compass Data can bring years of experience in building systems to solve your business issues and help you scale your business – process by process