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Custom verses Off the shelf


We have the ability to design and build almost any system you need, from a Sales Management and Quotation System to a full Business Information Management System, exactly matching your business needs as well as supporting your processes.

Why a custom system – why not an off the shelf system?

At first glance it can appear that an off the shelf system will meet your needs at a lower price than a custom built system, but when you look closer it is not always the case.

  • They may appear  to have a lower initial cost but most need some kind of ‘customisation’ and this often is much more than the initial license cost.
  • They are often rigid in their application so they cannot adapt to your needs and you are forced to change your business practices
  • The ongoing license costs over a few years can be greater than building a custom developed system
  • They cannot always adapt and change as your business grows so they are often obsolete after a few years whilst a customer system can grow and be enhanced as you business grows.

Sometimes only a solution built on demand will suffice. 

We create bespoke software and web portals that address real business issues, fixing problems and offering tangible benefits on a day to day basis.

We are committed to the quality of our work and the solutions we provide our clients. We firmly believe in building strong mutual partnerships with our clients over the long term and work actively with them to achieve their goals. By understanding these goals and working closely with our clients at every stage, (especially the planning stage), our developers ensure that these goals are met.

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